Family Week: enjoying Tarragona at very special prices


Tarragona will hold, from March 22 till 27, the second edition of the Family Week, a tourist promotion campaign aimed at families from the city’s surroundings, which are offered the possibility to discover and enjoy the city with a series of very special advantages. The Councillor for Tourism and Trade, Patricia Antón, has put forth that “the will of the Tarragona Family Week is making the city become one of the greatest benchmarks of family tourism worldwide. Tarragona, thanks to its characteristics, is a perfect tourist destination to be enjoyed with family”.

The participants at the TFW, just as with the 1st edition, will be given an identifying wristband which will allow them, together with their family, enjoy the different scheduled promotions, and that include, in general terms:

– Accommodation at 50€ per room and day in the Tarragona hotels and campsites participating in the campaign.
– Free tickets for families, for the city’s museums and monuments.
– Special activities for families in order to make the most of the city’s heritage.
– Other leisure activities suitable for families.
– Fixed prices and specially designed menus for families to have lunch or dinner in the restaurants participating in the campaign.
– Discounts at the city’s commercial zone.

For what accommodation is concerned, it is important to highlight that the price of 50€ (VAT incl.) refers both to 2 adults and 2 kids, 2 adults and 1 kid, and just 2 adults. Bookings should be made directly into the different establishments, and under the availability thereof. While campaign’s dates include the entry on March 22 and the exit on March 28, no reservation’s minimum has been set, and therefore, the offer is valid per day/night, for whatever number of days is wanted during this period.

The Tarragona Family Week also provides, to the attending families, free tickets to the city’s museums and monuments. Thus, the wristband will entitle free access to the great Tarraco’s mock-up, the “Passeig Arqueològic” (Archaeological Walk), the roman Pretorium and Circus, the Amphitheatre, the Local Forum, and the “Casa Museu Castellarnau & Casa Canals”.


On the other hand, and within the context of the TFW, a series of special and free activities will be launched designed so that families can make the most of our city’s heritage during their stay. These activities will also be available for the people not taking part in the campaign, although with a particular charge.

Thus, two shows per scheduled activity are expected, spread over the days of the campaign. Companies offering these activities are: Auriga, Itinere, Nemesis, Àgora Tàrraco, and the Minipop Festival<. The rest of activities suggested within the context of the TFW are the very same ones these companies carry out throughout the year, but with an added discount of 50% to the usual price, when showing the identifying wristband. In order to make the most of spare time, other leisure activities with special discounts have also been planned, such as the Tourist Train, Tarragona’s Cathedral, the “Platja Llarga” Sailing Club, the Tortugatt Adventur, the “Corral de Neri” Farm School and the MiniTarraco.

Cartell FamilyWeek

For what restaurants is concerned, the restaurants participating in the campaign have created specially designed menus for 2 adults and 2 kids younger than 12yo, at a fixed price of just 50€ (VAT incl.), which will be available during the whole event. These menus are valid both for lunch and dinner. For those families with a different member’s format, a 17€ per adult and 8€ per kid will be applied.

Finally, participants to the TFW will also enjoy interesting discounts in those assigned stores. All the information regarding this campaign can be found on the website, as well as the list of assigned hotels, campsites, restaurants, companies and stores.

The Tarragona Family Week is an initiative by the Tourism Municipal Board of Tarragona, the Tarragona’s Hotels Association, the Group of Campsites of the City of Tarragona, the “La Via T” Trading Association, and the Trading Association of the Part Alta.

By @irodon
Translated by Artur Santos