Routes for enjoying Tarragona’s great outdoors this autumn

Autumn, when the weather cools down and nature transforms to take on the glorious colours of the new season, is one of the ideal times to get to know some of the natural areas around the city of Tarragona, giving you an insight into an eminently Mediterranean landscape in which history and heritage are very […]

6+1 viewpoints that will make you fall in love with Tarragona

Tarragona city is home to many stunning natural and urban landscapes for you to admire. To give you a glimpse, we’ve picked out 6+1 of the capital’s top spots where you can enjoy a visual experience that your eyes will not soon forget. We’ll be taking you up to the balconies, terraces, rooftops and observatories […]

Tarraco Viva: a full visit to Tarragona and to the past

Understanding history helps us better understand the present too. This is the philosophy behind Tarraco Viva , Tarragona’s annual historical re-enactment festival, which this year sees its 22nd edition. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a change of dates this year, so the festival is being concentrated in a single week from 11 to 18 October […]

A natural family summer in Tarragona with seven campsites

Breathing fresh air from the minute you open your eyes, surrounded by natural surroundings, is the essence of camping. An ideal holiday style for families, where children enjoy an atmosphere of tranquillity and security, which, at this time, are the most precious qualities. And Tarragona, a reference point on the Costa Daurada, has 7 camp […]

Twelve months means twelve reasons to take a break in Tarragona

Have you ever thought that 2020 could be the year you discover Tarragona? At the heart of the Costa Daurada, just over an hour’s drive from Barcelona, the city offers a wealth of experiences every month of the year. Heritage, ancient traditions, fabulous beaches, great food and the unique chance to experience history first-hand are […]

A tour of Tarragona’s street art

A stroll around Tarragona can be a very entertaining undertaking, almost without having to move from one neighbourhood to another. In a city where many buildings are more than two thousand years old, and where you often come across archaeological remains that help to reconstruct its ancient history, there is also room for modern street […]

The Port and the Serrallo district – the essential maritime experience of Tarragona

    Have you ever wondered how the Port and the Serrallo neighbourhood came into being? The maritime district of Tarragona, right next to one of the biggest seaports in the Mediterranean, is a hive of gastronomic, cultural, associative and economic activities which have mainly revolved around fishing and the sea since time immemorial. This […]

A cinematic tour of Tarragona

With more than two thousand years of history, the city of Tarragona has borne witness to countless lives and events, but in the last few years the city has been showing a brand new facet to the world as the backdrop to some very different events: advertising campaigns. Several brands and producers have chosen areas […]

The Passion comes to Tarragona

@ Rafael López-Monné

History is an intrinsic part of Tarragona, not just because of the huge tourist attraction of the archaeological legacy of the Roman city of Tarraco, but also because of its traditions. This is borne out by written documents such as those that show that Easter Week has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, in the […]

Twelve reasons to visit Tarragona in 2019

A new year, new things to look forward to and – why not? – new travel plans. The year 2019 could be the year in which you finally discover Tarragona. Lying at the heart of the Costa Daurada and just over an hour by car from Barcelona, the city offers an array of different experiences […]