The charm of the Tamarit Park campsite

In complete peace, Nacho Múria and his family share a frugal breakfast under some pines of the Tamarit Park Campsite. In the background, just a few metres away, the beach. And right behind them, the caravan they are sleeping in. They don’t need much more than this. Even the guys will pleasingly put their Play’s […]

Christmas in Tarragona: packed with history and joy

Nadal a Tarragona

Christmas in Tarragona is one of the most magical times of year for the smallest members of the household – and also for the rest of the family. And this year the celebrations are more eagerly-awaited than ever because of the difficult health situation we have lived through and which, between all of us, we’re […]

An emotional journey through the museums of Tarragona


The museums of Tarragona are a distillation of all the culture and history of a city that is a World Heritage Site. Let us take you on a cultural journey through the museums of Tarragona: spaces for intercultural exchange, for learning, and for experiencing a whole range of emotions. Here you will find the history […]

The Romesco Days, the best excuse for a getaway to Tarragona

Jornades Gastronòmiques del Romesco de Tarragona

How about seeing in autumn in Tarragona with a combination of culture, locally-sourced wines and maritime cuisine? We propose an activity that will give you an excuse to visit the city of Tarragona and allow yourself to be carried away by its history and its heritage, by its streets full of life and by its […]

What does Tarragona’s Roman Route include?

Ruta romana de Tarragona

Wherever you look, Tarragona simply exudes history. All the sites that make up the city bring added value about the period in which they were created. A prime example is the Roman Route, thanks to which you can discover the history of Tarragona through the main monuments that have been preserved from that period. Tarraco […]

A tour of Tarragona’s street art

Plaça dels Sedassos de Tarragona

  A stroll around Tarragona can be a very entertaining undertaking, almost without having to move from one neighbourhood to another. In a city where many buildings are more than two thousand years old, and where you often come across archaeological remains that help to reconstruct its ancient history, there is also room for modern […]