Travel to the ancient Tarraco with the historical reconstructions

Tarragona Història Viva / ©Rafael López-Monné

The Roman Amphitheatre, the Circus, the City Walls, the Praetorium, the Roman Aqueduct, the Colonial Forum… Do you want to rediscover the way Tarraco’s inhabitants saw and experienced these spots over 2,000 years ago?

The second edition of ‘Tarragona Història Viva’ takes visitors on an exciting journey that will reveal Tarragona’s Roman past through historical reconstruction shows, an essential activity in order to both get to comprehend the role Tàrraco’s monuments used to carry out, and allow everyone to put themselves in the colonist’s shoes over 2,000 years ago.

‘Tarragona Història Viva’ has 6 historical reconstruction events to offer visitors, on 6 different venues, and throughout several weekends. This is the official schedule:

HistoriaViva_CIRC / ©Rafael López-Monné

Roman circus
Chariot races, politics and society in Roman cities
THALEIA, historical re-enactment group of Tarragona

We witness the arrival of the architect Marcus Vitruvius, head of the palace architects under Emperor Domitian, and charged with the construction of the circus building. He will show how each of the different parts of the circus was used, how to find our seats in the grandstands, where to buy a drink and where we might engage in some of the circus’s “darker” dealings.


Friday 12: 9pm Catalan
Saturday 13: 11pm Catalan


Friday 9: 9pm Catalan (comments in French)
Saturday 10: 11pm Catalan (comments in French)
Friday 30: 9pm Catalan (comments in French)
Saturday 31: 11pm Catalan (comments in French)

HistoriaViva_Amfiteatre2 / ©Rafael López-Monné

Roman amphitheatre
The night before the gladiator fights
NEMESIS ARQ (Tarragona)

Tomorrow’s a festival day! Games will be held in honour of Jupiter Optimus Maximus. At first light activities will begin that will fill Tarraco’s amphitheatre with people from every walk of life. Three characters will show us the different parts of the venue and let us experience the hustle and bustle of the evening before the show: a flaminica, a venatrix (portrayed as the goddess Diana) and a gladiator.

Friday 19: 9pm Catalan (comments in English)
Saturday 20: 11pm Catalan (comments in English)

Friday 2: 9pm Catalan (comments in English)
Saturday 3: 11pm Catalan (comments in English)

HistoriaViva_PRETORI / ©Rafael López-Monné

Provincial forumRoman praetorium

The power of Rome in the provincial capital of Tarraco

The praetorium formed part of the great provincial forum and was built to house the provincial government. It was also a sacred place, a space used for spectator events and a focal point of political representation (the circus). This activity aims to provide a window into the daily life of the praetorium as Rome’s seat of power in the provincial capital of Tarraco.

Friday 26: 9pm Catalan (comments in English and French)
Saturday 27: 9pm Spanish (comments in English and French)

HistoriaViva_MURALLES / ©Rafael López-Monné

City walls – Archaeological Promenade

The stone walls and boundaries of a Roman city

Between the Numantine Wars in the mid 2nd century BC and the first Barbarian attacks, Tarraco enjoyed a period of peace that lasted for more than three hundred years. Nevertheless, the city walls were never destroyed. But why not?
We’ll discover some of the uses of the walls in Roman times; in addition to their defensive function, the walls acted to delimit legal, political, religious and even psychological areas. Tarragona’s stonewalls represent much more than a mere defensive barrier. Come and discover them in Tarragona Història Viva’s latest activity.

Friday 23: 9pm Catalan (comments in English and French)
Saturday 24: 9pm Catalan (comments in English and French)

HistoriaViva_PontDiable / ©Rafael López-Monné

Roman aqueduct

Soldiers and builders

The Roman army is widely known for its brilliant campaigns conducted by its legions and the leadership of famous generals like Julius Caesar. It should be mentioned, however, that in addition to these military exploits the army carried out a large number of lesser known but equally important tasks. The importance of the direct and indirect role of Rome’s legions in “Romanising” the territory in the early phases, and later, in the economic and social development of the increasingly extensive Roman state is indisputable.

Sunday 21: 11am Catalan (comments in English)

Sunday 11: 11am Spanish (comments in English)

HistoriaViva_FORUM / ©Rafael López-Monné

Colonial forum

Life on Tarraco’s streets and in the forum square
NEMESIS ARQ (Tarragona)

The colonial forum of Tarraco was the central hub of the Roman city, the place where people met and business was conducted. Legal issues affecting citizens were addressed in the basilica, while local officials handled the collection of different local taxes. The arcaded square is always full of life: stalls on fair days, religious ceremonies, processions… The forum’s temple is dedicated to the Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva) who stood watch over Tarraco ensuring that its citizens were faithful to the religion.

The paved street, with its central sewer and sidewalks, hosts a constant flow of people and vehicles needed to supply all of the workshops and stores installed on the ground floors of the buildings. The wealthier citizens have houses with gardens and columns with small altars where they worship the Lares deities, guardians of the family. They never forget to pay homage to them every morning, to give them a bit of their lunch and to greet them when they come home.

Sunday 28: 11am Spanish (comments in English)

Sunday 25: 11am Catalan (comments in English)

Història Viva 2013 programme

Limited availability

Evening activities suitable for guests over 10 years old
Morning activities suitable for all ages
Approximate duration: 1h



Evening activities: until 7pm on the day of the activity
Morning activities: until 9am on the day of the activity

At all municipal tourist offices

Evening activities: until 7pm on the day of the activity
Morning activities: until 7pm on the day before the activity

Carrer Major, 39
From Monday to Saturday: 10am-8pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm

Rambla Nova, s/n (corner c/Unió)
From Monday to Sunday: 10am-2pm / 4pm-8pm

Camp de Mart, s/n
From Monday to Saturday: 10am-3pm
Sunday: 10am-2pm

60 minutes before each activity (if tickets are still available)

Tarragona Turisme
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The Tàrraco a Taula Restaurant Association offers a selection of meals based on the re-creation of Roman cuisine and prepared with rigorous attention to the authenticity of the ingredients used by each chef in each of his or her dishes.
Collaborations: Jordi Andreu, artisan baker, contributing Roman bread, and the Sicus, Cosmic, Escoda-Sanahuja and Mendall wineries, offering wines stored in amphorae.
The price of the meal is €23 and includes water, bread and VAT. You can enjoy meals made up of your choice of starter, main course and dessert or try a tasting menu.

Calendari Tarraco Taula

Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon)
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983)
Photographies: Rafael López-Monné (@lopezmonne)