The charm of the Tamarit Park campsite

In complete peace, Nacho Múria and his family share a frugal breakfast under some pines of the Tamarit Park Campsite.

In the background, just a few metres away, the beach.

And right behind them, the caravan they are sleeping in.

They don’t need much more than this.

Even the guys will pleasingly put their Play’s aside during these holidays.

It’s already thirty years that this Campsite has made this family from Gavà happy.

We’ve shared great moments here. If the campsite didn’t exist, we’d miss it‘, says Nacho.

Nacho and his family at tamarit Park campsite

Hundreds of people swarm day and night to Tamarit, and despite the crowd, there are unwritten rules, which turn the campsite into a relaxing activity.

When Nacho met his partner, and told her what holidays were to him, Eva Ragull got goosebumps.

I knew about other places, closer to Barcelona, and people there don’t generally respect others‘ rest. Things are very different here’, states Eva, convinced.

The camper’s life

Sleeping, swimming, reading, cooking or just sitting down with some mates…

There’s time for everything in the camper’s life, and most of them are outdoors.

Despite this, everything just happens surrounded by an atmosphere of absolute calm, an unhurried rate which gives preference to the general need of relaxing over the usual daily stress.

Things are looking good, much better from the inside than the outside.

Although ‘flip flop life‘ generally requires some training.

It’s no good coming here and constantly try and do new things. Some friends have been here before with a wrong idea, but managing the stress is the key for success. And most of them come back‘, tells us Nacho.

Facilities are comfortable, so are the clothes.

People are polite.

Neighbours, who have normally known each other for years, stick together.

They are a sort of well-matched family on a constant barbecue. Even employees, always on, appear to be on holidays.

The oldest child, Nacho, who met his girlfriend in the campsite, says he has finally accomplished his ‘dream‘ this year.

On his nineteen, he will help out the entertainment team, the discotheque staff…

As long as good weather stays, small Nacho and his friends’ daily routine will be sleeping till late, the beach and the parties…

He says he would love making the most of it, and we’re not surprised. He will live what everyone at his age would consider as the perfect holidays… ‘and nearby the parents‘, clarifies Eva.

Nobody is looking forward to September to arrive.

The smallest of the house and the Tamarit Park campsite

Neither is Pau, aged 11, who is probably the biggest campsite’s fan in the family.

When he was born, after just nine days, Pau had already met the caravan.

He spends the whole day running up and down, soaking or photosynthesising.

When he’s at home, in Gavà, he plays the Play ‘due to boredom‘. ‘If we weren’t able to come back one day, I would get really cross‘, he warns his parents. Nacho and Eva also appear to be very in disagreement with that non-returning idea.

What is holiday comfort? An apartment with a sofa and an intercom?

To Eva, the secret to happiness is doing without everything unnecessary, as television.

We go back to work, from holidays, and sometimes we don’t even know about some big stories during our absence‘, he admits.

Have you noticed those worrying faces in the picture? To be honest, depending on the context… God bless ignorance!

We encourage you to enjoy the campsites during your holidays!

Text: Oriol Margalef (@OhMargalef)
Translate: Artur Santos (@artur_1983)
Photo: Rafael López-Monné (@lopezmonne)