Espai Turisme will be exhibiting #Fotodeldia (Photooftheday): Tarragona in 365 images, until April 9

Exposició de la #Fotodeldia 2013 a l'Espai Turisme / ©PereToda-VilaniuComunicació

Tarragona will be showing its daily evolution throughout a whole year by means of a photo exhibition. #Fotodeldia: Tarragona in 365 images, which can be visited Espai Turisme (carrer Major, 37) until May 9, will gather a picture per day on an entire year; an image uploaded by a number of instagramers throughout 2013 tagged as #Tarragona.

The Mediterranean Balcony, the amphitheatre, the Banya lighthouse, the Pont del Diable, the walled village of Tamarit, the Cathedral and the seaside path are, undoubtedly, the most pictured spots in the city.

The Patronat Municipal de Turisme of Tarragona started, back in January 1, 2013, a competition consisting of picking a photograph of the city tagged as #Tarragona and then sharing it on Tarragonaturisme’s Facebook Page. From there on, it was down to the page’s followers to vote for the one they preferred the most, so that one was selected as the best of the month. The exhibit is divided into three boards with the 365 winning pictures on one side, and the 12 selected for every month as individuals on the other.

The Trade and Tourism councillor, Patrícia Anton, has highlighted the incredible participation levels as well as the consolidation of #Tarragona as a city brand hash-tag on Instagram. Accordingly, Anton has also stressed the fact that whereas the winning picture was chosen at first among fifty or so pictures, today up to 400 daily pictures are uploaded using the #Tarragona hash-tag.

Tarragona's Cathedral at sunset, by ©Marc Casanovas (@marcasanovas) d'April winner

The most-viewed picture in 2013 was a photo of Tarragona’s Cathedral at sunset, April 28, taken by Marc Casanovas (@marcasanovas on Instagram). It was actually seen by 18,539 users, with 886 ‘likes’, 170 ‘sharings’ and 47 comments. As a matter of fact, the exhibit is also trying to thank all the people who are spending some time capturing images of Tarragona and putting them on the net.

The Trade and Tourism councillor has said during the presentation of the exhibit that ‘all the visitors will be actually choosing the best photo of 2013’. That is the very last challenge. Thus, everyone entering the exhibition will have the chance to choose the best photo among the 12 winning ones and leave their votes in a ballot box located in Espai Turisme, and that will be opened on the very last day, May 9.

The author of the selected photograph (which will effectively become the #photooftheyear2013) will be awarded with a Segway tour round Tarragona and a meal for two people. Besides this, a e-bike tour round Tarragona and a meal for two people will be drawn by lot among all the people taking part in the vote.

Thanks to the competition’s incredible success, a brand new edition of the #fotodeldia is already available from January 1, 2014.

Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)
Pictures: Pere Toda

Presentació de l'exposició #Fotodeldia: Tarragona en 365 imatges / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Filmant la mostra / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Mirant l'exposició / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Mirant l'exposició / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació