'Dinners under the Fireworks' at Passeig de les Palmeres are back, on July 1-5

Sopars sota els Focs / ©Ivan Rodon

Do you like fireworks? Are you a food lover? How about experiencing an activity that combines a great dinner outdoors with some spectacular fireworks? Get ready, because you can do just this next week in Tarragona!

Nine restaurants in Part Alta (Arcs Restaurant, El Llagut, La Catedral, La nova taverna, Quim Quima, Racó de l’Abat, Sadoll, Taller de cuina and Tecla 60) will be taking part on July 1 to 5 in a brand new edition of the so-called Dinners under the Fireworks, with 45 gastronomic proposals to choose from, at just 5€ per dish. Therefore, the opening party will take place next Tuesday, July 1, from 7pm, one day before the beginning of the 2014 International Fireworks Competition ‘Ciutat de Tarragona’. The music bands Inversión, Angel Dust and Pig Fat will be in charge of the music performances during the opening event.

A part from combining the International Fireworks Competition with the excellent local cuisine, this initiative will also provide visitors with the Estrella Damm Lounge area and the so-called Focsteleria, a place where Seagram’s, Chartreuse, Santa Teresa and Markham will be offering their “Cocktails under the Fireworks“. Besides, music performances will be taking place every day from 8pm.

Concurs Internacional de Focs 'Ciutat de Tarragona' / ©Rafael López-Monné

Focs / @Manel R. Granell

Cartell del Concurs Internacional de Focs Artificials 'Ciutat de Tarragona' 2014

Selected fireworks companies due on July 2-5, at 10.30pm:

Wednesday, July 2
Privatex Pyro, S.R.O. from Dubnuca nad Váhom, (Slovakia)

Thursday, July 3
Pirotècnia Martí, S.L., from Burriana, Castelló

Friday, July 4
Pirotècnia Turís, from Turís, València

Saturday, July 5
Pirotècnia Xaraiva, S.L., from Albarellos-Monterrey, Ourense

Restaurants taking part in Dinners under the Fireworks:

Arcs Restaurant
– Tuna and salmon tartar with vegetables vinaigrette.
– Prawn, cheese and grape brochette with watermelon Gazpatxo.
– Stuffed Swedish bread with foie, cooked ham, mixed salad and smooth mustard and yogurt sauce.
– Crispy orange duck cannelloni with red wine syrup, mushrooms and fresh corn.
– Dark chocolate Coulant with soft fruit and vanilla cream.

Arcs Restaurant / ©Manel R. Granell

La Catedral Restaurant
– Chicken fingers cone with handmade ketchup.
– Winning tapa: tender Iberian pork loin Coca with peppers jam and white chocolate.
– Grilled vegetables terrine in its juice and olivada (black olives pate).
– Tricolour salad with fresh salmon brochette and citrus fruits vinaigrette.
– 3-chocolate cake.

Quim Quima
– Fried eggs with ham shavings.
– Mushroom and black pudding risotto.
– Nachos with guacamole.
– Chicken nuggets.
Stracciatella cake.

Quim Quima / ©Ivan Rodon

Sadoll Restaurant
– Salted foie-gras terrine with apple and cinnamon jam.
– Quiche Lorraine.
– Beef burger with aubergine compote, caramelized onion and rocket.
– Chicken and prawn brochette with teriyaki sauce and sweet corn.
– Strawberries gelée with Greek yogurt cream and chocolate cookies.

Sadoll / ©Manel R. Granell

Tecla 60
– Smoked cod Carpaccio with tomato and olive oil.
– Tuna belly timbale with escalivada (Catalan roasted peppers).
– Broiled Mussels from Delta.
– Fideuà.
– Crema Catalana crêpe.

Tecla 60 / ©Manel R. Granell

El Llagut
– DO Tarragona sailor-style rice dishes.
– Sardines and mackerel tartar with apple and garlic chives (KM0 – local).
– Mexican-style fish ceviche cannelloni.
– Scandinavian Streussel with cherries from Vila-Rodona and Chantilly foam.
– Dish of the day.

Llagut / ©Manel R. Granell

La nova taverna
– Salmon Maki with Wasabi.
– Patatas bravas (spicy fried potatoes).
– Cheese Coca with tomatoes jam and crispy onion.
– Andaluza-style baby cuttlefish.
– Candyfloss sorbet with marshmallows.

Racó de l’Abat
– “Peñarrubia” bread with Iberian ham.
– ‘Ondarrua’ cuttlefish with potatoes and oregano alioli
– Handmade old-style croquettes.
Pa amb tomàquet with anchovies.
– Chocolate fondant with mango sorbet.

Racó de l'Abat / ©Ivan Rodon

Taller de cuina
– Beef and spiced butter tartar.
– Battered chicken wings with miso mayonnaise.
– Prawns, squids and cherry peppers rice.
– Patata brava with Catalan sausage and romesco.
– Chocolate brownie with Crema Catalana ice cream.

Sopars / ©Manel R. Granell

– Chartreusito (Green Chartreuse with lime, mint and soda top up)
– Chartreuse Tonic (Yellow Chartreuse with cinnamon, orange twist and tonic)
– Chartreuse Especial (Yellow Chartreuse Caipirinha with natural pear and a dash of lemon juice)
– Gin&Tonic (Seagram’s Gin with Markham tonic and orange twist)
– Mojito (Santa Teresa rum with soda, lime, brown sugar and mint).

Sopars sota els Focs /©Manel R. Granell

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Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Pictures: Rafael López-Monné (@lopezmonne a Twitter); Manel R. Granell; Ivan Rodon.
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)