Twelve characters will take us to their most personal and beloved corners in the city with #lamevatarragona

Lluís Gavaldà / Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Lluís Gavaldà, Els Pets local music group singer, used to live as child nearby Plaça del Fòrum, and very often, when he had to walk across the market, he did so by going under the remains of the Roman Wall that still stands, while trying to work out how many people wearing toga, tunic o military uniform would have done just the same about two thousand years ago. This is one of the spots in Luís Gavaldà’s personal Tarragona, but it is not the only one.

#lamevatarragona (my Tarragona) is a series of posts we are presenting with Els Pets’ singer in order to provide citizens and visitors with spots, sites and personal corners of Tarragona natives that have been successful in a number of professional fields and that, somehow, have become true ambassadors of the city everywhere they go. Thus, every month –specifically, on every second Monday– we will introduce a new character that will take us, by means of three pictures, to their most personal spots in the city and that will explain to us through a video what is it that makes these sites so personals to them and why they ended up being key spaces in their own Tarragona.

You can follow the #lamevatarragona project on this blog, but also through the following social networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Foursquare, onto which we will set the routes of every selected character, were you temped to walk along them by yourself.

See you next Monday, January 12, with #lamevatarragona by Lluís Gavaldà.

Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon a Twitter)
Pictures: Pere Toda
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983)