Electrokars provides guided tours around Tarragona in electric cars

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In Tarragona, one could already find guided tours on foot, by bike (regular and electric), by Segway, using the Tourist train, and now, by electric cars! The company Electrokars, property of Txema Prats and Raquel Conesa, have bet it all on pushing eco-friendly tourism, and have been offering for some months now (together with the guides of Arrel) guided tours using tiny little electric cars that, truth be told, are very easy to drive. We’ve tested it, and it is a very recommendable experience.

First of all, we must make clear that anyone interested on the activity can either hire the electric car plus a guided tour or drive it on their own, with the only help of a Tourmaster GPS system, which includes tourist content and descriptions of the different routes in Catalan, Spanish, Basque, English, French, Russian and German. The reason why we say ‘different routes’ is because Electrokars provide tours within the city, but also on the outskirts, round the Pont del Diable, the beach of Tamarit or the surroundings of the river Gaià

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In fact, one of the main characteristics of these Toy electric cars, made by Comarth, is their versatility and adaptability to any terrain. Unlike a normal car, these models have two pedals instead of the more usual three; a throttle and a break pedal, while turning the engine on and reversing is done by means of a little switch next to the steering wheel. Speed is limited at 30mph, fuel is 100% electric and it has a range of about 30 miles. Other than that, few more differences. Despite the fact these cars have doors, they can be removed all together during the summer, which provides a better view and a cooler driving experience; and the truth is, it is a great idea.

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In order to drive it, users must only be in possession of a driving license. Nothing else. Once on board, you soon realize it has no further complications. Our route started at the street Nou del Patriarca, next to the Cathedral, where the Electrokars headquarters are. After getting used to it driving along the Part Alta streets –it is very easy to drive! –,we headed the Rambla Vella, towards Via Augusta. The peculiarity of the model makes it the ideal target for furtive photo enthusiasts, which should lead to no surprise when you find yourself on Instagram. Next, we drove to the beach, and then back, following the coastline by the promenade, until we reached the Autoritat Portuària building, where we turned left towards Far de la Banya. The fact these cars are limited makes them easier to drive while enjoying the landscape. Back in route, we enter the Serrallo neighbourhood; then, it is Manuel de Falla, Pere Martell and Rambla Nova streets before returning to the Part Alta along the Passeig and Portal de Sant Antoni.

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Prices for these tours and audio guides, detailed down the page, vary according to distance and time, and go from 20€ (per car) on a urban tour within the city of about ninety minutes, to 80€ (per car) if we go to the surroundings of Gaià river. For what rental cars is concerned, prices go from 8€ (1 hour), from Monday to Friday, to 42€ for 10h. Price includes fully comprehensive insurance, and free parking on blue, green and red zones.

Electrokars Tarragona Tours
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Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)