Argos Serveis Culturals introduces “Perseguits”, a brand new guided tour to discover singular stories of the Medieval Tarragona


The Middle Ages have always been a dark period, with both good and bad things, full of stories and legends that defined history. Tarragona was also the protagonist of some of those legendary chapters, some of which are now part of a new guided tour: “Perseguits” (literally, persecuted). This is the new project by Argos Serveis Culturals specially designed for those visitors willing to know more about history.


Camp de Mart is the very first location. The tour starts outside the Walls, just by the fortifications, where allegedly witches gathered to create medical potions, result of their herbs extensive knowledge. All this wisdom though, ended up costing their lives, as they were implacably persecuted by Joan Malet, a Moorish born in Flix that had become a true professional when it came to chasing witches.


In the shelter of the Cathedral, we find the second story that tells us about the Templars, the warriors that took part in the crusades, and that were persecuted during the 14th century by the Church and some monarchs, aiming their economic power. In Tarragona though, Templars managed to save their lives after the favourable decisions taken in the four provincial councils held in the Cathedral’s cloister in the beginning of the 14th century.


However, we can’t fully understand the Medieval Period without talking about the Jews. Tarragona presents clear evidences of this people in the Part Alta area, where a numerous Jewish community used to live until 1492, among which we can highlight doctor Benvenist Samuel, who –among others– was known for having translated treatises about asthma into Latin.

Argos ends “Perseguits” telling us about how, during the Middle Ages, labour slavery wreaked havoc. This story, as the epilogue for this guided tour, has a happy ending. It is about the life of the artisan Jordi de Déu, who worked –among others– in the construction of the tympanum located in the Tarragona Cathedral’s façade, under the orders of the master Jaume Cascalls.

Perseguits” by Argos is an excellent opportunity to get deeper into the darkness of the Medieval Tarragona, and try to get some light through the stories led by the ancestors of today’s Tarragona people. Feeling curious about it?

Price: 10€ per person
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