"Projecte Tarragona 1800" will re-enact, between 22 and 25 October, episodes of the Siege of 1811

Recreació del Setge de Tarragona de 1811 / ©Manel R. Granell

Could you imagine how a night patrol around the so-called Falsa Braga (defensive wall) would have been during the Siege of 1811 in Tarragona? Do you know the most common trades and arts in the Tarragona of 1800? Would you like to take part in a didactic demonstration on how to load and fire a rifle back then? How about attending a re-enactment of a Napoleonic parade? All these activities and much more are part of the 4th Jornades de Divulgació Històrica “Tarragona 1800” (Congress of Historical Dissemination) between 22 and 25 October.

Overall, there are 35 events in 5 days designed for three different locations of the city: the cemetery, the so-called Falsa Braga-Passeig Arqueològic, and Tarragona’s Part Alta. Up to 70 spokespersons will introduce the historical recreations for some of the episodes in this legendary period during the 4th Jornades de Divulgació Històrica.

Recreació del Setge de Tarragona de 1811 / ©Manel R. Granell

The activities will kick off on Thursday 22 October with “Una tarda al cementeri” (An evening in the cemetery), a guided tour that will allow visitors to know some of the most important and singular tombs where some of the heroes and heroines that lived in Tarragona during the eventful years of the Peninsular War were buried.

The 4th Jornades de Divulgació Històrica “Tarragona 1800” will end on Sunday 25 with the closing event “A les armes, ens ataquen!” (To arms, they attack us!), a historical re-enactment event of a French attack to the Falsa Braga defencing positions during the Siege of Tarragona of 1811. This event, which will take place in Camp de Mart, will count on the involvement of all the invited re-enactment groups.

Recreació del Setge de Tarragona de 1811 / ©Manel R. Granell


Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Pictures: Manel R. Granell
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)