The “Tàrraco a Taula” gastronomic workshops are back with 11 restaurants taking part and 100 delicious Roman cuisine dishes to try

Presentació de Tàrraco a Taula. / ©Ivan Rodon-Vilaniu Comunicació
Presentació de Tàrraco a Taula. / ©Ivan Rodon-Vilaniu Comunicació

Eleven restaurants in Tarragona will offer over 100 Roman cuisine dishes for 17 days, between 13 and 29 May. The event is the 19th edition of the so-called “Tàrraco a Taula” gastronomic workshops, which are part of the Tarraco Viva, the most important Roman festival in the world. These food creations –true delicatessens– will be presented in the form of plates and portions, set menus and Roman-style mussels’ tastings (500g), together with two glasses of wine or beer.

As a matter of fact, one of the new additions to the 19th edition of the festival will be the presentation of two official drinks for the workshops: on the one hand, Rositvm, elaborated by Rosita using orange tree honey; on the other hand, Celler El Mèdol, which created a special natural wine for the occasion.

Presentació de les jornades Tàrraco a Taula. / ©Ivan Rodon-Vilaniu Comunicació
Presentació de les jornades Tàrraco a Taula. / ©Ivan Rodon-Vilaniu Comunicació

As for the establishments, both Alhambra and El Cortijo taverns will offer dishes and portions that cost from 3€ to 6€, while Almosta, Cócvla, El Llagut, Entrecopes, Palau del Baró, Sadoll and Txar3Verd restaurants will create 25€ menus. Besides, El Terrat will offer a 35€ menu. Restaurants offering the 500g mussels’ tasting –plus wine or beer– are Alhambra, Cócvla, El Llagut and Txar3Verd, all of which will use their own cooking techniques.

Another tasting event will take place prior to the beginning of the workshops, the so-called “Convivium”, due on 11 May (8pm) in Casa Canals. The Comvivium in fact, will work as the official presentation of the “Tàrraco a Taula” gastronomic workshops, as part of the Tarraco Viva festival. The event will be presented in the form of a free buffet, during which the following dishes will be served: Pernae (pork shank with vermouth and dry peaches), by El Cortijo; Botellus sanguineus triticum in cocvla (spelt cocvla with spinaches, black pudding and green olives), by Cócvla; Ostrea (Delta oyster in pickled oil), by El Llagut; Gadus (cod with dates), by Txar3Verd; Lacertvs conditi sinapi (pickled oil mackerel and mustard salad), by Almosta; and for a dulcia domestica, apple, mint and red wine mousse, by Palau del Baró.

The buffet will cost 25€ and tickets are available in all three Tourism offices (carrer Major 37, Rambla Nova s/n, i Camp de Mart) and the 6 restaurants taking part in the Convivium.


Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)

Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)