Bonavista, the great Sunday market

Mercat de Bonavista dels diumenges Tarragona
Mercat de Bonavista / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

The Marché aux puces (Paris), Porta Portese (Rome), the Naschmarkt (Vienna), San Telmo (Buenos Aires) or El Rastro (Madrid) are markets or street markets that must be visited.

In fact, a good traveller should always find a gap in their packed agenda to walk around some of the most traditional markets in their destination.

Some are remarkable thanks to their architectural features; some, to their level of specialisation, or the food users can find, or their antiquities or second-hand items, or even thanks to diverse elements.

Such as their colour, their culture variety, or the mere experience one gets.

Just walking into them and experiencing that very personal and intimate atmosphere…

World Markets

Marché aux puces (París) / ©
Marché aux puces (París) / ©
Porta Portese (Roma) /
Porta Portese (Roma) /
Naschmarkt (Viena) / ©
Naschmarkt (Viena) / ©
San Telmo (Buenos Aires) /
San Telmo (Buenos Aires) /
El Rastro (Madrid) /
El Rastro (Madrid) /

Tarragona’s Market

Mercat Central de Tarragona /
Mercat Central de Tarragona /

Tarragona has, these days, 2 main markets (Central and Torreforta) and 7 mobile street markets (Rambla Nova, Plaça del Fòrum, Sant Pere i Sant Pau, Sant Salvador, Part Alta, the Mercal Municipal de Torreforta surroundings, and Bonavista).

Among the latter, there’s one that stands out: the Bonavista street market, due on Sundays, which is the largest within the Tarragona area and a true pilgrimage destination for thousands of people.

Located on a terrace between Bonavista and Campclar, the market gathers a great number of people that spend hours either working.

In a sort of modus vivendi– or as a kind of Sunday sport session, a habit, a true bargain search, or a mere excuse to socialize.

Like Greeks used to do in the ancient agora or Romans, in the forum markets.

The Bonavista street market has everything you might expect: clothing, footwear, leather goods, costume jewellery, home items, food…

Walking around it is being overwhelmed by a burst of colours, by people picking and choosing, by sellers shouting to call everyone’s attention, by lights and aromas, and also by very peculiar characters.

And if you feel like having a bite –before, during or after the tour–, we recommend that you enjoy the various and excellent tapas bars distributed all across the neighbourhood: great quality at low prices.

Enjoy the market and have a nice meal!

Bonavista Market

Entry Mercado
Stand Cloth Mercado
People Looking for Cloth
Thread Stand
Stands and People
Two Persons Walking around
Bags Stand
Kitchen Utensils Stand
Flowers Stand
Vegetables and Fruits Stands
Beef Stand
Fish Stand
Mercat de Bonavista / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació
Fruits Stand with Oranges
Hot Food Stand
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Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)

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Pictures: Pere Toda (@ptodaserra on Instagram)