3 ideal routes for Tarragona to do in autumn

Pins i Mar al Bosc de la Marquesa one of the routes
Bosc de la Marquesa davant la cala de l’Arboçar. Camí de ronda. Tarragona, Tarragonès, Tarragona

Autumn, when the weather cools down and nature transforms to take on the glorious colours of the new season.

It is one of the ideal times to get to know some natural areas around the city of Tarragona with these routes.

Giving you an insight into an eminently Mediterranean landscape in which history and heritage are very often key features.

This year, more than ever, they offer a unique opportunity to enjoy Tarragona’s natural heritage by walking outdoors routes either alone or with your closest family.

Taking advantage of the region’s mild climate whose warm autumn days are an irresistible invitation to get out into the fresh air.

The centre of Tarragona and its districts are surrounded by a number of green spaces of great natural interest.

Some of which have protected status, where you’ll find a wide network of paths to follow on foot or by mountain bike.

Just a few minutes away from all the city’s facilities, they offer an opportunity to completely switch off from urban life and discover a landscape full of the ingredients of a Mediterranean paradise.

Tarragona coastal path: a unique place to enjoy the coastal scenery

Views de la Ruta del Camí de la Ronda, un castell a lo vora del mar, one of the routes
Cam’ de ronda sobre la cala Jovera, cam’ de la Costa.Darrera, lÕantiga vila closa de Tamarit. Tarragona, Tarragons, Tarragona

Tarragona boasts no fewer than 15 kilometres of coastline: a real treat for the summer months when you’re in search of a beach.

Even more so when the temperatures drop and they become one of the most interesting routes hiking paths in Tarragona.

From Miracle Beach to Tamarit Castle, we recommend a complete itinerary that you can plan in different stages.

With the aid of public transport, which takes you alongside coves and through woodlands that will steal your heart away.

The Tarragona coastal path is signposted along its entire length, both on the sections that traverse the rocks and cliffs and the other sections that run through green spaces.

Like La Marquesa Forest, one of the ‘lungs’ of the city of Tarragona that is home to a wealth of Mediterranean flora.

Acces Platja de Becs
Cala de Becs o de la Roca Plana. Espai natural del Bosc de la Marquesa. Al fons, la punta i la torre de la Mora. Tarragona, Tarragons, Tarragona

The footpath takes you to some of the area’s fascinating heritage, such as Becs beach (Roca Plana cove, once an old Roman harbour), the Móra Tower and, of course, the iconic Tamarit Castle.

You can discover all the walks around Tarragona on the Tarragona Tourist Information Office website.

The rich natural world at the mouth of the River Gaià

Route on bike for the Gaià River one of the various Routes
Camí al marge dret del Gaià. Antiga sèquia de rec. Tarragona, Tarragonès, Tarragona

Along with La Marquesa Forest and Punta de la Móra, the environment around the mouth of the River Gaià is one of the protected natural areas within the municipality of Tarragona.

With routes around, The River Gaià, which is usually dry in much of its lower section, recovers its flow in the last few metres.

Before it reaches the sea at Tamarit, marking the boundary between the municipalities of Tarragona and Altafulla.

The result is a luxuriant natural space with rich riverside vegetation that attracts all kinds of birds.

You can visit and learn more about from the information boards provided in the area.

Very close by you’ll find Hort de la Sínia, the headquarters of the Sínia Environmental Association.

It offers a range of nature-related activities including guided tours of the river mouth.

Pinar del Bosc de la Marquesa Routes
Pineda sobre la cala Fonda. Espai natural del Bosc de la Marquesa. Tarragona, Tarragons, Tarragona

The footpaths that surround the final stretch of the river are also a perfect place to take a family walk or mountain bike ride, just a few minutes by car or public transport from the city centre.

In addition, the entire footpath network in Tarragona is ideal for trail running.

A space to discover next to the Devil’s Bridge

Route of Pont del Diable
Aqüeducte romà de les Ferreres, conegut popularment amb el nom de pont del Diable, patrimoni de la Humanitat (UNESCO), Tarragona, Tarragonès, Tarragona

Our third and final suggestion gives you the chance to relive our Roman heritage and discover an inland Mediterranean landscape that is ideal for a family excursion.

In the area around the Devil’s Bridge, or Ferreres Aqueduct, you will find some of the most interesting woodlands and forest trails to follow on foot or by mountain bike in Tarragona.

In Devil’s Bridge Ecohistoric Park you can not only enjoy the woodlands that surround the monument.

It offers one of the most striking images of the communion between nature and history, but also discover other remains of the agricultural past of the area around the city, such as the Mas dels Arcs farmhouse.

On our website you’ll find a list of natural parks and green spaces around the city of Tarragona.