What cultural treasures does Tarragona have to offer?

Tarragona is life.

And it is also bursting with history and culture.

It boasts a civilization going back more than two thousand years, recognized as a World Heritage Site, in addition to having played a key role in the Roman Empire.

With this legacy, its cultural offering could hardly be small! It is packed with all kinds of sights, attractions and facilities for enjoying alone or with family and friends.

Getting to know a city is not just about visiting it, but really experiencing it in-depth.

Consequently, this article aims to showcase the city’s tremendous cultural offering and all the sights and attractions that make it up.

Once you realize what Tarragona has to offer, we have absolutely no doubt that you’ll fall in love with the city!

Theatres in Tarragona

Tarragona is a city that’s passionate about the theatre.

Proof of this is the wide variety of theatrical productions the city puts on every year.

In autumn, winter and spring, be sure to consult the billboard of the Metropol Theatre, one of the city’s most iconic cultural venues.

And in summer, what could be better than enjoying an open-air performance in a privileged setting: the Camp de Mart Auditorium Theatre, at the foot of the Roman walls.

Have you heard about the new Tarragona Theatre?Located in the middle of the Rambla, it has helped to position the city as a leading player on the performing arts scene.

And finally, we shouldn’t forget to mention two local theatres that offer an alternative to the municipal theatre programme. Sala Trono and Teatre Magatzem are two great options for discovering performances that will leave no-one indifferent!

In addition, Tarragona plays host to the International Theatre Festival which takes place between 1 and 4 September and reflects ten years of constant change in our society and the proof that we need to embrace and celebrate our differences and complexities.

These are just some of the options you’ll find in the city, and if you’d like to learn more about what’s on in Tarragona’s theatres, be sure to visit this website where you’ll find the details of the current programme.

Oferta cultural Teatre Tarragona
Theatre Tarragona’s facade

Museums in Tarragona

What would become of Tarragona without its museums?

Tarragona is all about culture and diversity.

Whether you’re from outside the city or you’ve lived here all your life, an excellent plan for the weekend is to visit one or more of the numerous museums in the city. 

Roman history, modern art, maritime history and the legacy of the Port, period architecture… There truly is something for everyone!

Just pick the topic that most interests you, and off you go!

On this page you’ll find all the information you need about the different museums in the city as well as visiting hours and special events. Enjoy!

Oferta cultural Sales d'Exposicions Tarragona
Museum in Tarragona

Exhibitions in Tarragona

The range of cultural exhibitions in Tarragona is vast and there is something to see all year round.

There are a number of exhibition venues such as CaixaForum, the Medol – Center for Contemporary Arts of Tarragona the Trade Fair and Conference Centre, the Tinglados and refuges on the Moll de Costa wharf and the Espai Turisme, all of which offer exhibitions on different themes that give a closer insight into new cultures, different collectives, and the latest trends.

The perfect opportunity to break with routine and open up your mind!

Oferta cultural sales d'exposicions Tarragona
CaixaForum is one of the most valuable exhibition venues in Tarragona

Monuments in Tarragona

Monuments are a crucial part of any city’s history, and few cities have more to offer in this respect than Tarragona.

These monuments have a huge cultural value for society as they serve to remind us and commemorate the historical events that have taken place in the past.

And what a past  Tarragona can lay claim to as a World Heritage City!

Obviously, there is no shortage of monuments to see.

We recommend that you read all the information on the city’s main monuments and make sure you don’t miss the chance to visit them.

By way of example, you certainly can’t leave Tarragona without having visited the Roman Amphitheatre, the Ferreres Aqueduct, Tarragona Cathedral and the Praetorium and Roman Circus.

In addition, the views from some of them are quite unique!

Oferta cultural monuments Tarragona
Stunning views of the Praetorium

The city also has several itineraries to give you a better insight into the history of Tarragona through the main monuments that have been preserved from different periods in time.

The five main routes are the Roman Route, the Medieval Route, the Modernist Route, the Early Christians of Tarraco Route and the Port of Tarragona Heritage Route.

On these itineraries you can visualize and imagine the societies and their lives and customs in each of the periods mentioned.

Why not do them all?!

Guided tours in Tarragona

In Tarragona we love telling people about our history, and we want everyone who visits us to get the chance to discover every nook and cranny of the city.

That’s why we have such a wide range of guided tours. This is a more personalized service that reveals all the secrets, fascinating facts and anecdotes relating to the history and monuments of Tarragona for a really enjoyable overview of the city.

For example, did you know that the Provincial Forum of Tarraco was big enough to absorb two Sagrada Familia buildings?

Or that the Tarragona Central Market building was inspired by the Karlsplatz metro station in Vienna?

You’ll learn these facts and much more on our guided tours of Tarragona!

Oferta cultural guies Tarragona
Guided tours are an amazing option to discover the city

Don’t miss out on experiencing Tarragona

Tarragona boasts a vast cultural offering and a wealth of facilities that provide a unique experience for every visitor.

Visit us and enjoy the Tarragona experience to the full: discover all the main sights, visit each and every one of the special places that make up the city, and immerse yourself in the customs of Tarragona life.

If you’d like to know more about the city’s cultural offering, visit our website or follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

We look forward to seeing you!