The Romesco Days, the best excuse for a getaway to Tarragona

How about seeing in autumn in Tarragona with a combination of culture, locally-sourced wines and maritime cuisine?

We propose an activity that will give you an excuse to visit the city of Tarragona and allow yourself to be carried away by its history and its heritage, by its streets full of life and by its wonderful gastronomy.

From 7 to 24 October, we suggest a route visiting the restaurants that participate in the 6th Tarragona Romesco Gastronomic Days.

A Mediterranean city, gastronomy and leisure time activities combine to showcase romesco as the emblematic dish in Tarragona cuisine and to highlight the excellent wines with the Tarragona Designation of Origin.

What could be a better opportunity to visit Tarragona than the gastronomic route enabling you to taste wines from different wineries and dishes and casseroles in which romesco sauce plays a star role?

Come and enjoy it!

Romesco is a traditional Tarragona dish and the restaurants in the city serve it in various versions, pairing the meals with wines made with the Macabeo grape variety from the Tarragona DO.

Oenologists say that the aroma of the almond tree in the Macabeo wines and the flavour of almonds in the romesco sauce are a perfect combination. Would you like to try it for yourselves?

Come to the Tarragona Romesco Gastronomic Days.

Jornades Gastronòmiques del Romesco de Tarragona
Enjoy the Gastronomic Days!

We will explain a few things to you before you sit down

The 6th Tarragona Romesco Gastronomic Days start on 7 October and are organised by the Tarragona Association of Hotel and Catering Businesses and the Tarragona DO.

This year, 25 establishments in the city have prepared traditional and innovative recipes in the form of casseroles and menus based on romesco sauce, washed down with wines made with the Macabeo grape variety from various wineries in the Tarragona DO.

An activity that promotes Tarragona gastronomy through one of the top products in its cuisine and its maritime essence: romesco sauce.

Check out the menus and all the restaurants that are participating in this activity.

Would you like some more information?

You won’t be disappointed by the experience. Autumn is one of the best times of year to enjoy the essence of Tarragona!

Much more than just gastronomic days

Between one meal and another, don’t forget to stroll around the city and get to know all its historic areas.

Tarragona is an ideal city to visit at a weekend and everything it offers can be seen while you are wandering around. It is a perfect city to visit in the autumn thanks to its Mediterranean climate, although in the other months it also enjoys mild temperatures. All year round, you can enjoy its maritime cuisine —and the romesco sauce cuisine— and visit the museums and monuments which are always open.

Jornades Gastronòmiques del Romesco de Tarragona
Much more than Gastronomic Days

The extensive cultural offer

Make the most of the opportunity and plan a weekend to come to the Gastronomic Days and get to know the cultural offer to be found in the city.

Let us give you some ideas!

Before sitting down to eat, you can visit any of the museums in Tarragona, which are open all year round. Enjoy the cultural stroll and don’t forget the most notable monuments in the town,such as the Roman Amphitheatre, Tarragona Cathedral or the Ferreres Aqueduct.  

You will understand why Tarragona is a World Heritage city!

Amfiteatre romà de Tarragona
Visit the Roman Amphiteatre of Tarragona

We encourage you to make this discovery accompanied by official guides, who organise guided trips on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

You will enjoy a weekend in the city getting to know Tarragona, discovering the essence of the Tarragona cuisine and trying out various wines with the Tarragona DO.

We are sure that you will want to come back again!

In the afternoon, you can take a stroll through the natural green areas in the city or enjoy a performance at one of the Tarragona theatres.

And if you enjoy making the most of your time…

Don’t forget to enjoy the city!

We hope you will have a great weekend. Therefore, we recommend some essentials to be able to enjoy Tarragona as an authentic local

On Saturday morning, you can visit the Central Market and see all the stalls, filled with the best products from the Tarragona vegetable gardens and the sea.

Mercat Central de Tarragona
Discover the Tarragona Central Market

Go into the Old Town or Part Alta on Sunday morning to join in with one of the most popular Tarragona traditions: having a drink on a terrace. Stroll around and observe the streets and alleyways of the ancient part of the city.

However, you should not leave Tarragona without having visited El Serrallo fishing district, where you can taste the romesco sauce with intensity, stroll along the Costa Quay and discover the Port of Tarragona Museum.

Port de Tarragona
You can’t leave without walking through the port of Tarragona

Any of these proposals will enable you to find out more about the municipality and the way in which the local people of Tarragona live.

A far-reaching tourist and hotel offer

Are you looking for accommodation? There’s no need to worry!

Tarragona has a far-reaching offer of accommodation, such as the hotels. Urban accommodation that is central, top quality and with plenty of good services. Everything close at hand! In just a stroll you can get to the beach or a natural forest.

And did you know that you can enjoy everything we have explained all year round?

However, to enjoy the proposals of the Gastronomic Days, you only have until 24 October.

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You can also find us at the Municipal Tourist Information Office, where we will be delighted to attend you and provide you with material so that you can enjoy your visit.

We hope to see you in Tarragona!