Part Alta is smiling back at the crisis by offering menus as well as tasting menus for all sorts of budgets!

Restaurant AQ /©ARPA

The chefs of the Part Alta of Tarragona –the oldest part of the city– have taken a very serious approach to Dough Horton, who is said to have claimed “Smile, it’s free therapy”, and so they have decided to create a new edition of “The Part Alta smiles at the crisis”, a gastronomic campaign that, based on menus for every budget, is actually trying to accomplish precisely that, to make people smile and, at the same time, make them a bit happier.

Under this pretext, those in need of smiling, taking care of yourselves and simply live your life –’cause life is short!–, have to be aware that fifteen restaurants are offering menus and tasting menus at just 19 and 30 euros (VAT included/drinks not included), as well as a second bottle of cava, wine or a Inedit beer for free, just like the one you just had in the restaurant (so you can enjoy it at home), and two hours of free parking at the Avinguda Catalunya parking lot.

ARPA (Restaurants Association of the Part Alta) has gathered this year fifteen restaurants with the same philosophy of turning February into “a great month with small prices”. It is not just restaurant taking part in the campaign though, but also nine cellars, and Estrella Damm Inedit.

The establishments taking part in “The Part Alta smiles at the crisis” are the following: AQ Restaurant, Arcs Restaurant, Ares, Barhaus, El Llagut, Entrecopes, L’Auriga, La Catedral, La Nova Taverna, Quim Quima, Palau del Baró, Racó de l’Abat, Sadoll Restaurant, Taller de Cuina i Tecla 60.

As the perfect partner, you can taste wines from the following cellars: Adernats Vinícola de Nulles, Terra i Vins, Celler Mas Bella, Cedó Anguera, Buil & Giné, Cingles Blaus, Rosa Maria Torres, Scala Dei and the Inedit Estrella Damm beer.

In order for customers to get an idea of what these menus are about, here’s a list of all of them (only in Catalan). Have a nice meal and don’t stop smiling!

Menús contra la crisi 2014
Menús contra la crisi
AQ Restaurant
Arcs Restaurant
Ares Restaurant
El Llagut
La Catedral
La nova taverna
Palau del Baró
Quim Quima
Racó de l'Abat
Taller de cuina
Tecla 60

Translation by: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)