Tarraco Vespa Tours allows you to discover the World Heritage Site of Tarragona and its beaches on a Vespa


It is not Rome, but as it were its little sister, the emperor Caesar Augustus also fell in love with it. The Roman Tarragona, discovered on two wheels, acquires a very special charm. For years, it has been common to travel round the ancient capital city of the Roman Empire or the Etruscan area on a Vespa. Now, you can also hire one in Tarragona in order to live and discover our city from a different point of view, thanks to the guys of Tarraco Vespa Tours.

With the Amphitheatre on our feet as the starting point, this route designed to follow the steps of the Roman history takes us down the old Via Augusta, right up to the beach. There, we are then joined by the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea, a new element on a journey that will take us to Arc de Barà, a turning point that will drive us back to Tarragona, a trip that includes a short stop by the Scipio’s Tower.

The Cathedral dominates the highest spot in the city, something we can admire while driving back along the Via Augusta. On our Vespa’s, we go round the ancient Roman Walls, which preludes our entry to the interior of the enclosure through Portal de Sant Antoni. Despite the fact that the Part Alta has some restrictions on the use of motor vehicles, we find it very convenient to be able to park our Vespa’s and stop at Plaça del Fòrum, del Rei or de la Font… for a proper and traditional vermut. Of course, no visit round the city is considered to be complete without a vermut, a tradition that involves everyone in Tarragona.


As we feel more and more hungry, we can either enter any of the restaurants in Part Alta or go back our Vespa’s and head towards the traditional fishing neighbourhood, El Serrallo. This is, undoubtedly, one of the best options for those willing to enjoy high-quality Mediterranean sea food in Tarragona, thanks to a port that gets fresh fish every day.

The excellent weather in Tarragona allows users to enjoy a similar experience during almost the entire year, which includes short trips to El Priorat or both Alt Camp and Conca de Barberà regions, in order to find out more about the local architecture, wine culture and inland gastronomy.

Tarraco Vespa Tours offers a 1-day pack on a Vespa for 37€. So far, it is a great success among tourists –coming from Deutschland, the States, Germany and Finland, among others– but Cèsar Alcalde, the company’s manager, is convinced that, little by little, new users will love the idea of riding round Tarragona on a Vespa, a true symbol of Mediterranean mobility.

Tarragona Vespa Tours
Cos del Bou, 20-22
+34 659 838 480

1-day renting of a Vespa (10am – 8pm): 37€
6 hours: 30€
24 hours: 49€
1 week: 210€

The price includes: helmet, technical explanation, basic insurance and medical assistance.
The Vespa can be used by anyone in possession of a 125cc bike driving licence or ordinary car driving licence with over 3 years of experience.