Txaber Allué: "I like Plaça del Fòrum on market day; going there and buying some local food for a super breakfast”

Txaber Allué, al Mercat Central / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

October’s #lamevatarragona character is a true gourmet, what we call these days a foodie. However, a part from being a fan of good food –and by good food, we mean anywhere where food tastes great, no matter the category of the establishment–, Txaber Allué, aka @elcocinerofiel, loves the kitchen and sharing what he learns in culinary temples, besides his own gastronomic creations. We encourage you to visit his blog and Youtube channel as soon as possible (both in Spanish), a true reference among local, national and international food logbooks. But, what are his most personal spots of Tarragona? This is exactly what we’re about to find out…

Platja del Miracle a l'hivern / ©Txaber Allué

The first picture provided by Txaber shows Miracle beach, in winter. Why? “I think Tarragona has always turned its back to the sea when it’s cold, but the water and the beaches are still there. So during the winter, even if it’s a bit chilly, I pick up Nora from school, I made a couple of sandwiches and we sit on the timbers, which have been warmed up by the sun. Sometimes, if it’s not freezing, we even dip our feet into the seawater and walk for a while, before going back to school”. Txaber is always looking at the sea, although the beaches he prefers actually change quite a lot from winter to summer. “In summer I actually prefer Waikiki beach (aka Cala Fonda) and Torn beach (in Hospitalet de l’Infant), although the latter is a bit far away from here. In winter, I’d rather stay around and walk down Miracle beach, and make the most of the fact that we can enjoy the beach all year long. People say that Paris has that very special rain, but here we have a beautiful sun and a very special sunlight we have to enjoy”.

Plaça del Fòrum / ©Txaber Allué

The second spot Txaber chooses is in Part Alta. “I’ve gone for Plaça del Fòrum on market day. I used to live in Carrer Girona about twelve years ago, very near Plaça del Fòrum, and I remember very well that, during the spinach season, I’d go down and buy some local spinaches and eggs, which is a good thing, isn’t it? What we know as KM0 is being able to actually see and deal with the person who actually grew and picked the fruit or vegetables, or collected the eggs you’re buying, and then going back home to cook, at 11am, an amazing omelette with spinaches while pushing our region at the same time, isn’t it? Despite the invasion of chairs due to the success of terraces, Plaça del Fòrum still is a square, a market. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, you’ve got all the market stands, where all sellers are also producers, so you’ve got free-range local food, and the chance to actually look at the eyes of those working in the country while making the most of our territory”.

Rambla Nova / ©Txaber Allué

The third location chosen by @elcocinerofiel is the main city’s artery, the boulevard that leads to Balcó del Mediterrani. “I’ve picked the sunny area of the top of Rambla Nova, the terraces in particular, because I am very fond of coffee and I love sitting on one of the terraces you find there and have a nice cup of coffee under the sunlight. This is about enjoying Tarragona’s light while doing a very typical local sport such as gossiping about anyone passing by while having an espresso. The last bit of Rambla Nova is a weirdly quiet place, as people seem to see a sort of psychological barrier with the last street before it, maybe ‘cause that’s where the market ends, but I truly love the quietness and serenity you get under the light of Tarragona”.

We finally end the interview with Txaber at Mercat de Tarragona, one of the places he attends the most. “Everyone with a little of interest towards food and local products should visit the market, walk around, get inspiration… I often think about new recipes while walking across the market’s corridors. We’ve got fish in Tarragona; we’ve got vegetables in Tarragona, and even meat, which not that many people know… We’ve got cheese too, and I think this is a mandatory visit for anyone trying to understand Tarragona. You want to know us? Visit our market!”.

Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Pictures: Pere Toda (@ptodaserra on Instagram)
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)