Check out the 33 rice dishes made by 11 restaurants within the Tarragona Eixample, available until 29 November

Arrossos creatius Tarragona

Rice with scallops, beach calamari and clams. Black paella with red prawns, artichokes, European eels with saffron and sweet potato aioli. Free-range chicken and artichokes paella. Rice with trotters and bacon. Mountain-style rice with Angus beef, rabbit and fungi. Creamy rice with mushrooms, Catalan sausage, foie and figs… And up to 33 absolutely stunning rice dishes. Eleven establishments of the Associació de Restaurants de Tarragona Eixample (ARTe) are taking part, until 29 November, in the 4th edition of the so-called “Tarragona Creative Rice Dishes” project, with 3 different rice creations per restaurant, one every week. All the rice dishes will be served with a 33cl Inedit beer bottle, and will cost just 14€.

Besides the restaurants taking part, Totem Cafè will offer a specially designed cocktail, the Pink Rice Frozen, elaborated from a selection of Arrossaires del Delta licours. Actually, the 4th Tarragona Creative Rice Dishes project has the official support of the Arrossaires del Delta trademark, as all the establishments will be using a certificate of origin rice, exclusively produced within the Delta de l’Ebre Natural Park.

Arròs creatiu del Terrat / ©Gastronosfera

Creamy rice with red and mantis shrimps, with grilled sea urchin alioli. Rice with octopus and “romesco” sauce. Black paella with Chartreuse licour. Rice with mantis schrimps, baby cuttlefish and seafood. Mountain-style rice with Iberian pork ribs, mushrooms and snails… Seriously, check out these amazing and creative rice dishes made by the following restaurants: Cócvla, Degvsta, DeVins, El Terrat, Mare Nostrum, Toca Peron, Braseria El Passadís, Xamfrà del Fòrum, Txar3verd, Punt i a part, and Els 5 sentits, and… you’ll get your mouth watering!

Guide of all the restaurants taking part and their 3 rice dishes (Catalan with pictures).

More information at Gastronosfera (Catalan and Spanish).

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