The 2015 FITT festival will turn Tarragona into a huge theatre that will be presenting new projects for five days

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Sir Laurence Olivier once said: “in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, a great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture”. Tarragona has two large theatres and some other smaller ones. But what about the whole city becomes a single larger theatre? This is the actual challenge set by the third edition of the Festival Internacional de Teatre de Tarragona, or FITT (literally, International Theatre Festival of Tarragona): to turn some emblematic or historical spots in the city into actual theatre stages on which to present new projects by contemporary playwrights and directors, both national and international. The FITT, organised by Sala Trono, is willing to become “an open door to emerging talents put on an act in several languages”, as said by its director, Joan Negrié; the door of a city that wants to be open to culture.

In its first two editions, FITT transformed into theatre stages the following local spots: Antiga Audiència, Conservatori de Música de la Diputació de Tarragona, Volta llarga de la capçalera del Circ romà, Voltes del Pallol, Casa Canals and Col·legi d’Arquitectes, besides Sala Trono and Teatre Metropol. This year, it will add Praetorium’s Gothic terrace, with the staging of Llibert by Gemma Brió, awarded with 2015 Serra d’Or and Butaca awards for the best theatrical text and the best small-format show. Llibert, also Max award’s finalist for the best breakout show and best playwright, is a true delicatessen in this year’s FITT, but not the only one.

The French theatre company Cirque le Roux, for example, will catch the spectators’ attention on the opening day, Wednesday 17th of June, with a contemporary and innovative theatre show what mixes and excellent circus technique with a refined theatrical narrative. The play, An elephant in the room, which will start at 9pm in Teatre Metropol, is a comedy-drama about human relations.

The so-called Capçalera del Circ is the ideal location for the play programmed for Thursday 18, the Homo ridens Tarragona, by the Italian company Teatro sotterraneo; a play that is designed as a sort of experiment with the audience… and the laughing. More clues? The purpose of this surgical proposal is to analyse the human point of view towards laughing, and to measure its limits and complexity.

Mi gran obra (un proyecto ambicioso) is David Espinosa’s new show that will take place at Voltes del Pallol. This is a criticism about those mammoth projects that, according to the author, are often garnished with ornaments but not much content, and that picture our society of today at the same time. The play will be represented four times: Thursday 18 and Friday 19, at 6pm and 8pm.

The 2015 FITT festival will also include a double itinerant show through the streets of Tarragona by the company Kamtchàtka, on Friday 19 and Saturday 20, at 8pm. Fugit remembers the story of those who left and those who will leave, and wants to become a tribute to those who had the courage to get rid of the superfluous, to abandon the known and move forward inspired by the hope of a better world. Sounds familiar? Those attending this play –access is limited to 90 people– must be ready for non-returning breakthrough.

The festival’s closing act will be carried out by the company Le Crupier, which show will vindicate the character Esperança Dinamita, one of the most popular and controversial showgirls back then. The play is due on Sunday 21, at 9.30pm, in Antiga Audiència; unquestionably, the best possible icing to this cake.

Single tickets cost 18€, but the FITT festival provides spectators with a 50€ pass that includes any 3 shows, and an 80€ pass which provides access to all shows. Tickets are available for purchase in Teatre Metropol and Tarragona Tourism Board office, and online, on

Programa del FITT 2015


Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)