Check out the Tarraco a Taula food festival between the 7th and 17th of May

© Mauri

We know from novels, but specially, from cinema that wealthy Romans used to love proper food. In other words, they were the foodies of today. Now, those Roman gourmands would have their mouths watering if they read about the gastronomy creations thirteen local restaurants will be offering during the brand new edition of Tarraco a Taula, as part of the Tarraco Viva festival: stuffed sardines over pumpkin; roasted lamb as per Apicius with sugar coated mushrooms and coriander; free-range chicken casserole with figs and apricots; haddock with Alexandrine sauce, peas and almonds; mussel and calamari casserole with herbs; lightly roasted tuna with garum foam (fish sauce) and trout eggs; smoked pork with thyme and rosemary… Dishes for every taste… and every pocket!

The way this year’s Tarraco a Taula is laid out resembles previous editions, by means of three different offers: dishes, tastings and portions that go from the 3€ to 9€; and menus, at 25€ and 35€. Besides all this though, visitors will also find a 500g mussels tasting, cooked in the Roman style, plus two glasses of wine for just 10€, in 7 different restaurants. The Alhambra restaurant, the most veteran establishment of all those taking part in the Tarraco a Taula, will cook mussels with moratum; the Ares will add leek and Winter savory to them; the Cócvla, will use onions, garum and mulsum (Roman wine); the Entrecopes, will add garum; the mussels cooked by El Llagut will be from the Delta area (Southern Catalonia), and cooked as per Apicius, as Txar3verd will also do; while Palau del Baró will be cooking them in the Alexandria style.

The Alhambra, Almosta and El Cortijo restaurants will be offering their gastronomy creations in the form of dishes, tastings and portions. On the other hand, Ares, Cócvla, El Llagut, Els 5 Sentits, Entrecopes, Palau del Baró, Sadoll and Txar3verd are the 8 restaurants offering 25€ menus. Finally, but not least, El Terrat and Taller de Cuina have designed two spectacular menus at 35€ that will definitely honour Roman cuisine.

To help squeeze down all this food and try to imitate the famous Roman bacchanals, the restaurants taking part in Tarraco a Taula will be offering a number of craft beers (Clandestines “Atheus” and Rosita “D’Ivori”) and natural wines (Sicus rosé and red 2014, Còsmic white and red 2014, Laureano Serres “Abeurador 2014”, and Joan Ramon Escoda “Nas de gegant 2013”).

So, there you are: make the most of this unique opportunity to enjoy both the stunning shows of Tarraco Viva and the incredible Roman-style dishes you’ll find in this truly unforgettable bacchanal. Hospes Ave!




Text and pictures: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)