Eight restaurants located in Part Alta will create 40 different dishes for the “Dinners under the Fireworks”

Cartell Sopars Focs 15

Looking for a plan for the nights of the beginning of the summer, are you? What about this: Passeig de les Palmeres, just by Balcó del Mediterrani, will be the venue for the 6th edition of the superb “Dinners under the Fireworks” from 30 June to 4 July, which becomes a unique opportunity to enjoy the International Fireworks Competition “Ciutat de Tarragona” while having some true delicatessens for dinner. Once you’re done with it, you can try a great cocktail in the so-called Focsteleria or one of the different beers you can find in the Estrella Damm section, and listen to some great music.

Taller de cuina / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Taller de cuina / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

El Llagut / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

El Llagut / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

These “Dinners under the Fireworks”, organised by the ARPA (literally, Part Alta Restaurant Association), will gather the restaurants El Llagut, Arcs Restaurant, Quim Quima, Racó de l’Abat, Sadoll Restaurant, Taller de Cuina and Entrecopes, which will be sharing their cooking abilities by means of some excellent gastronomy creations at just 5€ per dish: crunchy duck and orange cannelloni with vermouth Miró, mushrooms and fresh wheat (Arcs); salmon, salad rocket and ginger tartar (Entrecopes); mushrooms and black “butifarra” risotto (Quim Quima); beef, onion and salad rocket burger (Sadoll); Spanish potato salad with fish and seafood, and lobster mayonnaise (El Llagut); ribs spiced with 2 sauces (La Nova Taverna); fideus with calamari and prawns (Racó de l’Abat); or Thai vapoured mussels (Taller de Cuina). Overall, there’s 40 different dishes that will suit every taste.

El Racó de l'Abat / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

El Racó de l'Abat / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Quim Quima / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

La nova taverna / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Arcs Restaurant / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Sadoll / ©Pere Toda-Vilaniu Comunicació

Plats dels Sopars sota els Focs 2015

The opening of the “Dinners under the Fireworks” is set for Tuesday, 30 June. An event designed to commemorate the 25th birthday of the International Fireworks Competition will take place at 7pm, followed by a double musical performance by Angel Dust and DJ Pepe Diyei, with music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Food will be served from 8pm.

Sopars Focs 15
Sopars Focs 15

As for the Fireworks Competition, next you can find all the companies taking part in this year’s edition:

Wednesday, 1 July at 10.30pm
Pirotecnia Zaragozana, S.A. de Saragossa

Thursday, 2 July at 10.30pm
Pirotecnia Hermanos Caballer, S.L. de Burjassot (València)

Friday, 3 July at 10.30pm
Pirotècnia Tomás, S.L. de Benicarló (Castelló)

Saturday, 4 July at 10.30pm
A.P.E. Parente Romualdo de Bergantino (Itàlia)

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Text: Ivan Rodon (@irodon on Twitter)
Pictures: Pere Toda (@ptodaserra on Instagram)
Translation: Artur Santos (@artur_1983 on Twitter)